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Appraisals by Alan, LLC

A real appraisal at your location, NOT an internet "guesstimate"

phone: 215.620.7434      email: onecarguy9@verizon.net



Appraisal Services ....

Insurance:  Protect your investment of time and money.


  • An appraisal from an independent certified appraiser will help assure your vehicle is adequately insured.


  • What happens if your collector vehicle is hit by someone insured with a non-collector vehicle insurance company? At best, the company will likely want to settle for only Actual Cash Value for a total loss, or get any repair work done as cheaply as possible.  An appraisal of pre-accident value from a certified independent appraiser will be invaluable in assuring proper compensation or repair.


  • While its best to have a vehicle appraised before it's involved in an accident, I can also help you after an accident by providing you an appraisal or what the value of the vehicle was worth immediately before the accident.

  • I am available for court testimony

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Buying a Vehicle:  Protect yourself. Get a pre-purchase Appraisal or Inspection.

  •       A pre-purchase APPRAISAL could protect you against overpaying for a vehicle.  Many "Internet" vehicles I've appraised are not at all what they appeared to be in the ad content and photographs. Protect yourself. For $250 I will do a comprehensive appraisal including an extensive visual appraisal plus road test to evaluate mechanical performance (e.g. engine, transmission, steering, braking, suspension, body integrity). Click Pricing for more options and details.  Click FAQs for a complete description of the appraisal process.

A pre-purchase appraisal could save you the cost of the appraisal many times over, either by avoiding a bad investment, or negotiating with the seller to reduce the price to reflect any deficiencies noted in the appraisal.

    If you are considering a vehicle from an Internet auction - let me appraise it BEFORE the auction expires. I can usually perform an appraisal on short notice and call you with the preliminary report, so you can make a better educated offer or decision on whether to buy the vehicle.


  •        A pre-purchase INSPECTION can save you money if you don't need me to determine a value for the vehicle.  For only $225 I will do a complete inspection as described above other than determining current market value.  A few examples: an inspection can save you money if you are comfortable with the price of the vehicle, if the price is non-negotiable, or if you've already agreed to a price with the seller.  (However you may still want to consider a full appraisal with a value determination if a full appraisal will be required by your insurer to insure the vehicle for its full value).

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Registering Your Vehicle - Registration Fees:

Some states such as Delaware attach a registration fee based on value for collector vehicles.  The State uses the NADA value rather than your purchase price or what other comparable vehicles are actually selling for.  However, the State will accept an appraised value from a certified appraiser.  For my regular appraisal fee of $175 plus travel, I can provide an accurate actual cash value for your vehicle, which could save you a substantial amount that will likely more than offset the cost of the appraisal.  

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Selling your vehicle?:
Set and get the right price, avoid "low ballers".  

An appraisal supports your asking price, reassures buyers of the vehicle's value, and discourages "low ballers".    The appraisal is something of value you can give to your buyer that may help the buyer obtain a loan and/or insurance.  


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 Auctioning your vehicle?:

An appraisal will help you determine a realistic "reserve" or "starting price."  An appraisal will also support your price and reassure potential buyers of the vehicle's value. The appraisal is something of value you can give to your buyer that may help the buyer obtain a loan and/or insurance.  

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Collateral: Use your vehicle's value to secure a loan or increase your "net worth".   

The value of your vehicles can help accurately determine your net worth for a loan or other purpose. One of my clients even used my appraisal to obtain a loan to build a garage for the vehicle!


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Donation/Gift:  The IRS requires an appraisal for certain vehicle donations.

 In 2005 IRS changed the rules. Since then, if you donates a vehicle to a charity you can only take as a tax deductible donation the actual amount the charity gets when the vehicle is sold at auction, which may be substantially less than the actual value of the vehicle.

However, if you donate the vehicle to a museum, e.g. the AACA museum, you may claim the APPRAISED value of the vehicle as a tax deductible donation when a certified appraiser completes an appraisal and Form 8283, "Noncash Charitable Contributions" and the museum issues  an IRS Form 1098-C indicating "intervening use", as when they display a car rather than sell it. Intervening use could also apply to other charities, for example, if the charity uses the vehicle or gives it to a family needing it. I will complete the Appraiser portion of the Form 8283 at no charge.    

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Estate:  Prevent your heirs from being "ripped off" selling your vehicles. 


When a collectible vehicle owner passes away, it will typically be up to his/her spouse or children to dispose of the vehicles and probably some automotive collectibles.

  •      Appraisal of your vehicles helps prevent your estate from being "ripped off" by unethical buyers or even friends, either well intentioned or purposeful. An appraisal will set an accurate value, eliminate haggling at the time of sale, and can be used to establish loan value and insurance value for the potential buyer.

  •       An appraisal will help avoid pain for your spouse or children trying to sell a car for too low or too high a price.

  •      An appraisal will also help avoid family squabbles over the value of an inheritance.

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Divorce:  Don't let a court or someone else's lawyer arbitrarily decide what your vehicle is worth!

     Before a meeting of the divorce attorneys, it's helpful to have independently certified values for any vehicles in question.

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Bankruptcy:  Don't let a court or lawyer arbitrarily decide what your vehicle is worth!

Bankruptcy courts or your attorney may want an independent appraisal to determine the value of your assets. Without an appraisal, the courts may rely only on NADA or other value sources which may over value or undervalue the vehicle depending on its condition and the current market for that vehicle. Protect your interest with my independent appraisal. 

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Substandard restoration or repair, fraud, "lemon law", diminished value, pre-accident value, reconstructed vehicle value, and claim settlement An appraisal can help you win your case!

  • Did you pay for a prize winning restoration or repair work and received something far less?  An appraisal will be needed to pursue a legal claim help build your case.
  • Diminished value: Diminished value is the difference between what your vehicle was worth before an accident and after the repair. Even though repairs have been made properly, the vehicle can never again be claimed to be "all original" or "never damaged in accident" and therefore is diminished in value. Likewise for repairs done poorly or not using factory parts - again the vehicle is diminished in value.
    • My fee for a diminished value appraisal is only $275 plus tolls and mileage .

    • Please contact me for actual total cost.  To keep your total cost down, I will provide a reduced flat rate for long distances. Please phone 215.620.7434 or email onecarguy9@verizon.net for an actual quote.

  • Pre-accident value - If your vehicle is "totaled" in an accident and you disagree with the insurance company proposed settlement, I can inspect your vehicle and prepair a "pre-accident value" appraisal value for you to present to the insurance company to help you negotiate a fair settlement.  My fee is only $275 plus mileage and tolls.
  • Lemon Law - Are you driving a lemon? I can work with you and your attorney to provide an independent appraisal of the vehicle's diminished value.

I am a trained, certified appraiser for diminished value and lemon law claims.

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Lease Termination:

  • Are you terminating your lease and your leasing agency reguires an appraisal of your leased vehicle's current market value?  My appraisal will enable you to provide the full current market value to your leasing agency.
  • Are you near the end of your lease or terminating your lease early and your leasing company determines the payoff amount is more than the value of the car you are turning in and expects you to pay the difference?  Leases usually allow you to obtain an independent appraisal of your vehicle's current market value.  I can determine the actual current market value of your car, and usually save you a substantial amount (often the entire amount) of the payoff.  
  • I will provide my credentials to your leasing agency and any documentation they require.

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Expert Witness

  • I can be your expert witness for vehicle inspections, meetings with attorney's, depositions, court appearences, etc.

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Do you need quality photographs of your car, truck or other vehicle?  As an appraiser, I constantly take high resolution, detailed digital photographs.  If you want photos for an ad, article, a purchase you are considering, or just to have photographic documentation of your vehicle, I can do that for you at a location of your choice.

  • I can photograph specific components or the entire vehicle - exterior, interior, engine compartment, and chassis details, accessories, tools, documents, component identification numbers, etc. - whatever your needs.  I will photograph the specific details you want me to capture.

  • I will provide the photos in digital format and transmit them to you electronically.

  • Most photo shoots can be completed in an hour or less, generally providing 100 or more photos as needed to complete the shoot.

  • Custom editing and special effects are also available.

My fee is only $89 for up to a one hour session plus mileage.

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Appraisals by Alan, LLC

phone:  215.620.7434    email:  onecarguy9@verizon.net

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