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Appraisals by Alan, LLC

A real appraisal at your location, NOT an internet "guesstimate"

phone: 215.620.7434      email: onecarguy9@verizon.net


Unsolicited Testimonials ...

*  Thank you very much.  This is a top notch report and it was a pleasure meeting with you as well.

*  Hi Alan. That is great. We are preparing a letter to opposing counsel suggesting your services and will keep you advised.

*  I appreciate your professionalism in the report and excellent pictures/documentation.

*  Thanks again for your expertise.

*  Hi Alan--Thanks for getting this done in such a timely manner. Thank you for being so helpful. It was a pleasuremeeting you…

*  Alan: Your appraisal of my dad's car was accepted in full. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

*  Thanks, Alan. I never thought of the fact that the car lost a year of value by being out of commission, but that’s why you are the expert…Thanks for your help.

*  Thank you very much. The car is insured full coverage.

*  …your appraisal helped my cause and I appreciate the good work you put into it. I’m keeping a list of stuff I’m replacing between this appraisal and the next one you do for me. I’ve already got some trim pieces bought and ordered. I’m working on the headliner now… I’m legally driving my car now!

*  Your verbal discussion was complete enough to tell me everything I needed to know about the white '66 Mustang to not go forward with that car, so any additional written details or photographs were appreciated but not necessary, so thank you. If another candidate turns up within your area, I would gladly assign you to it. Thanks again for a fine job.

*  Thanks for getting this turned around so quickly…. it looksgreat! I think my savings on tax will more than justify the cost of the appraisal.

*  Thank you so much.

*  The appraisal looks great. We have also decided to move forward with a restoration to honor…dad. Alan - Thank you so much for all the resources and pictures you have sent. It is greatly appreciated!

*  Alan: Received the appraisal in the mail today, will forward to insurance company, once again Thank You for your time and expertise as I will pass your name around to other vendors that might need an appraisal done in ourarea. Hope to see you at some local shows to say Hello!

  *  Great meeting you. Your work was great…

 *  Hi Alan, I have gone ahead and bought the car. I appreciated your help. Regards

*  Alan - Thank you so much for all the resources and pictures you have sent. It is greatly appreciated!

*  [posted on Faceboook] I want Facebook to know what a great experience I had with Alan.  After debating with [autoinsurance company] on the value of my son's car (a 1999 BMW 540i 6 speed with M trim package) I decided to ask for Alan's help. He is truly a car guy and understands the true value of cars like this.  His appraisal come in well above what [the insurance company] offered.  He even didsome preliminary work to see if it was even worth the appraisal.  What a Guy!  Thanks Alan!!!

*  WOW............nice job Alan, very impressive!

*  Thank you for the very detailed appraisal.  Ms._______'s case was heard in the court on Thursday.  The judge granted the amount you appraised the vehicle.  The judge was impressed and persuaded by your appraisal.

*  I wanted to let you know I received your report in the mail today.  Again, I can't thank you enough for your services and your time.  You really helped get my expectations in check on the purchase of this vehicle, and went above and beyond working around your vacation and getting me the preliminary report & pictures as quickly as you did.  It really helped solidify my desire to purchase this car.  So as I'm sure you can guess, I did indeed buy the car and couldn't be happier.  In fact, {seller} was very very impressed with you and your work as well.  He said he'd definitely consider you on his next purchase.  But for me, again your work helped seal the deal in a timely manner.  Anyway, feel free to use me as a reference.  I couldn't be happier and am glad we were able to do business together!

*  Acura, ... took the car back with no further questions asked.  My account is now closed and I am free and clear! 





Appraisals by Alan, LLC

phone:  215.620.7434    email:  onecarguy9@verizon.net

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